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Long Strange Trip 

This record was a labor of love almost 2 years in the making. I wrote, recorded, sang and played all instruments on every song. Eventually I had the fabulous Brian Mikulich play real drum tracks.The album basically wrote itself, almost like I was a vessel from which it manifested from. I never wrote down a single lyric. The words just poured out of me when I turned the microphone on. The only the written lyrics are on this website. For that I had to listen to each song and type line by line. 

While this album's story is a work of fiction, I do feel very strongly on the subject of government disclosure on ET's. It's fairly obvious around 1947 we recovered crashed saucers and reverse engineered them. Our technology went from propeller planes to a moon landing in 25 years.

This story was important to tell because not only does it touch on the UFO cover up, it's also slightly reminiscent of something that happened around 2000 years ago in Bethlehem.

If you're looking for something that rocks and has a great story behind it treat yourselves and check out my friend Austin Ross. He has a new concept album called 3 AM in Death Valley. It's rockin' and ambitious. And the guitar playing is out of this world.”

— Ace Texaco

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