3 AM In Death Valley 

Driving from LA to Vegas with my top down rag top low 
Looked down at my gas gauge and it says 30 miles to go 
Then I came into a town with a large thermometer 
A Mad Greek speaks to me and tells me all that I need to know  
He say 

It's 3 AM in Death Valley whatcha doin' out here 
It's 3 AM in Death Valley let me perfectly clear 
Uh alright I got ya man 

Filled my tank and went inside the all night liquor store 
Grabbed a pack of kool menthol and a shooter of whiskey to go 
Outside I see a girl her eyes tell me she's spun 
If you give her $20 you could have a lot of fun  
She says 

It's 3 AM in Death Valley  
Whatcha doin' out here 
It's 3 AM in Death Valley 
Just so we're perfectly clear 

Back in the car again heading for the rising sun 
I see a sign ahead of me reading Area 51 
Then some men in a blacked out blazer point their guns at me  
I should have a left turn at the sign for Albuquerque 
They said 

It's 3 AM in Death Valley  
Whatcha doin' out here 
It's 3 AM in Death Valley 
Just so we're perfectly clear 



Exit the vehicle face down with your hands behind you head 
Whatcha doin' out here  
I'm lost man I was coming home from LA to Vegas  
I got on the dirt road and I don't know where I am man  
Bag his head we're taking him back to base


Hangar 18 

Ah so groggy  
What did they do to me  
I think They drugged me  
I gotta get out of here. 

All alone in a cold cell  
Hope they don't leave me (to rot)  
Dislocate my arm and escape through the door slot (I'm free)  
Running down a long hall that leads into a hangar  
Suspended there in mid air is a ship not built by humans 

Government officials interacting with extraterrestrials  
In a locked hangar in the middle of the desert  
And nobody knows but me  
Are they our creator or perhaps invaders  
But one thing's for sure  
The government is keeping this from everyone


Crazy Dave 

I woke up all alone on the side of the road  
Where the government decided to drop me  
Tried to clear my head and recall the events  
'Cause what I saw I still can't believe  
Surprised that they let me go 
'Cause I witnessed what's in Hangar 18  
And it ain't man made. 

I called my friend Crazy Dave who lives inside a cave  
He said Son you better come over  
And while I told my tale we drank some British ale  
That was made at the White Cliffs of Dover  
So glad that he took me in 'cause I found an implant under my skin 

Finally found a reason to survive  
Knew that there was more that 9 to 5  
So much information under wraps  
And yet they leave us caught inside their trap 

Drove for two days on Highway 68  
Then I saw the Mexican border  
I stopped in San Luis 'cause they had a nice breeze  
Then I had a whiskey and soda  
Knew that they were hunting me cuz I saw my face on TV  
Hey man who took that picture 

I took the train to Belize to avoid the deep freeze  
'Cause I'm on the 10 most wanted roster 
Wish it was dream what's in Hangar 18  
But I saw that flying saucer  
Now my life is a race or I'll disappear without a trace. 

Finally found a reason to survive  
Knew that there was more that 9 to 5.  
So much information under wraps  
And you my friend could barely give a crap 

Finally found a reason to survive  
Knew there was more that 9 to 5  
So much information under wraps  
Spinning on a wheel like rats


New Horizon 

Deep in the jungle of Belize I go  
My government know I saw the UFO  
Hiding in villages, beaches and caves  
Prepared to stay here for the rest of my days  

Meeting some priest and some shaman of tribes  
Who's clung to their old ways of their ancestor's vibes  
They worships their gods who came from the sky  
The conquistador's religion didn't fly 

See the light  
Change the world tonight and forever 
Just in time for a new horizon. 

Deep in the bowels of the temples we meet  
Explain to the shaman the things I have seen  
That I was captured and now on the run  
That I have I have proof of their gods of the sun  

They blindfold and take me to a secret place  
That houses an elder of their ancient race  
Her name is Tana she comes from the sky  
In hiding for 500 years of our time


Chichen Itza 

Who is she  
What is she  
Her name is Tana  
We have kept her hidden for nearly five centuries  
How can she be 500 years old  
Her mother was human and impregnated by the gods  
We've kept the child safe ever since  
So you're saying that she's half human and half extraterrestrial  
We prefer not to use that term but essentially yes


Open Eyes  

She came down from the stars  
Her name is Tana is she's meant to be ours  
Just one look from her amazing eyes  
I know I would love her through space and time  
And through the door here we come 

Me and Tana can change your minds  
Listen to our new paradigm  
Who could doubt something that is so pure  
Love will open eyes 

She's lived for hundreds of years  
An alien hybrid seeing through her tears  
She was kept hidden from the world  
Who knew I would fall for an alien girl



After a decade with spiritual leaders  
Speaking with Aztec and Mayan tribes  
We came to conclusions on faith based religions  
What's coming next will be a big surprise  
From humble beginnings we're spreading our message  
Returning sky gods from ancient times  
The conquistadors can have back their religion  
The inquisition will pay for their crimes 

Tempers rise  
In the night  
Hear their cries  
From a million miles 

Revolution de no Jesu Cristo  
Revolution for ancient times  
Revolution de no Jesu Cristo  
Revolution we know what America hides 

The streets are filled up with a new generation  
Liked minded people with opened eyes  
Take back what's theirs with a new realization  
500 years of forced religion dies  

A new revolution de no Jesu Cristo  
Now I am branded the new fall guy  
My government's claiming that I am the villain  
Who's pissed on the slice of American pie 

500 years they were conquered by the Europeans  
Forced to convert to Christianity or die  
For centuries their ancestors were taught the fear of Jesus  
Armed with this new information of their returning sky gods  
They realize they were living a lie


Underground Down Low 

They told me to keep her safe now  
And take her back to where I come from  
We start to spread the word now  
living in an underground down low  
We're gonna change the world now  
Ooh yeah 

People flock to hear me speak now  
And see Tana and gaze into her eyes  
They're willing to ditch the old ways  
A religion built on fear and lies  
We're gonna save the world now  
Ooh yeah 

(People Reacting) 
Do you think he's really seen the government interacting with aliens  
Well they seem to think so they've been searching for him for 10 years  
What about here do you think she's really a human/alien hybrid  
Have you seen her eyes? That can't cosmetic surgery  
Well I for one want to hear what they have to say 

(Government Reacting) 
We like the way things are now  
We're not gonna let them have their day  
We must be extra cautious and discredit them out of the way  
We're gonna hold the world back  
Ooh yeah


Universal Ride

You can feel our presence for miles
Modern day messiah's here to change your minds 
No more guessing if we're alone 
Let us re awaken your body and soul 
And we say 

Put you hand in mine 
And take a universal Ride from the past 
Free from the beliefs and constraints 
That have held you back 

Come and look in to her eyes 
Let me and Tana help you free your mind 
Take another fork in the fork 
Let's evolve together towards a common goal  


Blue Booked

We'll flush them out take them away and we will restore balance 
We just don't want that info out so we will have to squash them 
We'll just do what we always do  
We'll use disinformation 
We'll turn the truth so inside out then we will disgrace them 

You're like two butterflies  
So fragile are your lives  
We can pluck you right out mid air 

They'll disappear with out a trace  
We'll take them top a black site  
We'll turn their brains all into mush then they will not remember  

They cannot run they cannot hide it's because we will find them  
We close the window close the door  
Another chapter blue booked 

You Know 

You won't take me alive or cut out Tana's eyes  
We will resist you with all our strength now  
Though we did nothing wrong  
But yet you want us gone  
Because you blame us for a revolution  

Exposing all your lies  
We'll cut you down to size  
You'll strike us down but we will live forever  
Two down but a world to go You're too late you know  
You know 

You are ridiculous  
We expect nothing less  
You're greedy selfishness will be your downfall  
And we are not alone  
Our underground has grown  
And they're not fooled by your disinformation 



Hunted us like us rats 
Stepped on like doormats  
Why do you hold back our evolution 
You can do what you want with Me and Tana's mind's  
But your future is so inevitable.


Sunshine Morning glory day 

I'm feeling alive  
For the first time on this bright sunshine morning glory day  
The people here wear white 
They give me pills to clear my mind  
Sunshine morning glory day 

I can't remember yesterday  
They stole my mind 
And now I take it one day at a time 
Sunshine morning glory day 

We did it right  
We took away your new messiah  
Sunshine morning glory day  
He's doing fine locked in a room lobotomized 
Sunshine morning glory day  

He can't remember yesterday  
We stole his mind  
And now he takes it one day at a time 
Sunshine morning glory day 

You can't remember yesterday  
We stole your mind  
And now you take it one day at a time  
Sunshine morning glory day


(Bonus Track) Can I get A Word In?

Brother can you see me from way across the room 
You know I have a question I'd like an answer soon 
But you say no no no  
You say no no no 

Sister can you feel right now in front of you 
Like a two way mirror 
That I can't see through 
I say no no no 
I say no no no 

I've been criticized by you for speaking my mind 
You say going against the grain is a waste of time 
It's easier for you to follow the herd 
Excuse me brother and sister  
Can I get a word in? 

Mother can you touch me I need to feel alive 
Knee deep in repression 
How can I survive 
You say no no no 
You say no no no 

Father will you quote a scripture verse or two 
From a work of fiction designed to govern you 

I've been criticized by you for speaking my mind 
You say going against the grain is a waste of time 
It's easier for you to follow the herd 
Excuse me mother and father  
Can I get a word in?